Miscellaneous Sitings

Our family has a varied interest in Hummers. To see the type we find most entertaining, click on the active link to the right:

Gull stopping in for lunch.....

Among the many American Crows who would love to steal food from the small birds and squirrels in the yard, there is an unusual striped crow.

Here, at the higher elevation, we also hear more ravens, which I find interesting based upon local Indian folklore. The only photos I have are not close enough for good identification

June 2007

The Raptors

This nest is located on East Hastings in Vancouver. When we came to take pictures of the young, there was one dead baby eagle on the pavement below, still not mature enough to have more than the start of pin feathers, but as large as a chicken. The other baby was apparently hunkered down taking a nap, according to a regular observer. Click on the photo for the raptor page under construction....

The Mockingbird
Recently we have been having frequent visits to our most sheltered bird bath by a Northern Mockingbird that looks to be healing from some sort of injury. As the bird has been visiting for several days and the injury is not looking any worse, I am assuming that it is recovering nicely. We haven't seen this bird for a couple of weeks, now.

Then we have the passerinines who don't have the personality of the songbirds, or the voice, but definitely provide color, and warnings that let us know of any preditors who might be a danger to the cats.