Song Birds

The Songbird collection is attached to the photo at left, so click and enjoy our 'winter flowers'.

Local Animals

The local hungry preditor that is a permanent resident, (in fact we have identified three different ones), is the coyote seen at right. These animals are hard to photograph in our area, as they are about the fastest moving animals we do get to spot. My preferred pronunciation of this animal's name is the two syllabic version.
We do also have a black bear, and I have seen one syphoning food out of a bird feeder, but still have to capture on film as they are more night creatures here, moving freely under cover of dark. The reason we know they are frequent visitors is because they are often kind enough to leave a calling card. I would have a picture if it weren't for the construction crew driving over the 'sample' last summer.

This picture, (at left) takes you to the other more aesthetically pleasing four legged creatures who pass through our yards, if you click on the photo.